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26 December 2008 @ 08:24 am

Title: Quiet Guardian
Chapter 5: Bear Hug (Bella's side: Happiness)
Author: ihear_itsnows
Rating: M (for later chapters)
Genre: Angst/ Romance
Short summary: Edward leaves... so do the rest of the Cullens, however one can't stop thinking about the one they left behind. He returns finding a broken girl, instead of Bella and he decides it's up to him to make her better. But how does he do that? and will Emmett start to realise he is falling in love with the lamb.
Any warnings: Twilight, New moon.
Pairings: Emmett/Bella, Bella/Edward, Jacob/Bella (slight)
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

AND now thanks to my BETA </a></font></b></a>steeph90  we can enjoy my story ...without all the errors LOL
Thanks again BETA :D:D






Title: Quiet Guardian
Chapter 5: Bear hug (Bella’s story happiness)


I woke and felt myself smile instantly, as I felt Emmett’s strong grip around my stomach and I realised that yesterday really did happen. Emmett kissed me.


And yes… there was Edward, who constantly flooded my mind, bringing me only pain and more pain. It was right for me to let him go, I didn’t want to feel guilty for letting go of someone that had already clearly let go of me. After Emmett kissed me yesterday, I was finally able to make the final decision and put Edward as far back in my mind that was possible.


Right now I didn’t want to feel pain or agony, because right now I was finally happy.


“Morning beautiful,” Although I still had no idea how anyone could find me beautiful, I mean wasn’t I just ordinary? The way Emmett was able to let it role off his tongue, made me… almost believe him.


“Morning…” I turned around facing him and found myself breathing in quickly, because for the first time I was fully able to realise how truly breathtaking his was, “You really are breathtaking.”


Emmett laughed and I found myself frowning a little “What you are,” Emmett just chuckled more. “So Bella what do you want to do today?”


“Umm Emmett we have school?”


“Oh right, forgot about that.” Yes defiantly it was no wonder people, were able to get along with Emmett he acted so … human, “well I’m driving then.”


I just found myself bitting my lip, there was really no point in arguing with Emmett, he usually won anyway. He either draped me over his back; hanging me upside down till I made up my mind or tickled me (there was no way I was going to let that happen again).


“What no arguing that we take your so called truck?”


“I realised a long time ago, there is no point, you win anyway.”


“That I do.” And there it was his breathtaking smile.


“Ok well let me have a shower and get changed, and then we will go ok?”


“Ok I’ll go get changed.” And with that he was gone and I found myself scurry around for something to wear.


By the time I got back, Emmett was waiting fully dressed smelling; if not more intoxicating then usual, in the corner of my room. “You look beautiful,” yep here I was dressed in simple pants, a blouse and wearing my worn pair of converse shoes, yet he found me beautiful. “You don’t look to bad yourself,” I watched as he smiled and began to make his way over to me.


“Bella do you mind if I kiss you again,” turning towards the door, I’d still expected Charlie to be asleep, it was after all his first day off for the year, so there wouldn’t be any awkward interruptions there; he didn’t know that Emmett and I were together. Feeling a bit more confident then usual I made a step towards Emmett.


“You know you don’t have to ask me every single time.”


“Ok I’ll keep that in mind.” By now I could feel his sweet breath on my face, his mouth just inches away from my lips. Bending down and resting both hands on my face he pressed his lips against mine, and I allowed my lips to part a little so we could deepen the kiss… ever so carefully. Emmett wasn’t afraid to let his emotions run a bit out of control, however he still made sure to never let me get anywhere near his razor sharp teeth. Was it possible for anyone to kiss this well, well I guess. He did have centuries of practice. I felt Emmett’s hands begin to slide off my face and make there way down my body, caressing me as they went. They finally rested on my hips and I smiled against his mouth as I felt his fingers begin to slip under my blouse and move across my stomach. I had been so lost in the kiss and I guess Emmett had also been lost in both controlling himself and enjoying himself, that we were both surprised to hear a loud coughing sound interrupt us. Tearing apart from one another’s lips we turned to see both Charlie and Jacob standing, one not looking so happy and the other looking rather hurt.


“When did this all happen, before or after you wanted to move into my house Emmett?”


“Oh no Charlie, it’s not like that, Bella and I only just started dating yesterday.” It was probably the most flustered I ever heard Emmett talk.


“Hmm,” Charlie seemed to be going over things in his head, he was arguing between throwing the boy on the streets for kissing his only daughter and jumping for joy, because I knew deep down Charlie loved Emmett. But the one thing that was really worrying me, wasn’t Charlie but Jacob, he hadn’t said anything but mealy continued to look at me with such confusion and I knew why, only yesterday I had told him; after he had tried to kiss me, that I wasn’t ready for anything just yet and I still was in love with Edward… I had lied.


“Bella… Emmett… I just…” And with that Jacob turned around walking out the door, I gave a pleading look at Emmett gesturing him to follow me and go after Jacob.


Emmett clasped my hand with his and pulled me out with him, I watched as he gave Charlie one last smile and I found myself smiling a little back as Charlie’s lips gave a small twitch and then give Emmett an appreciated nod.


So one down, one more to go, I had a feeling Jacob would be harder… but he was our best friend, so he had to forgive us … well I hoped he would.


“Jacob, wait.” I heard Emmett yell beside me, as Jacob made his way over to his car. Jacob spun around, look furious. “Why, should I wait? Bella you told me that you weren’t ready for this, or were you just waiting for someone better to come around.”


“It’s not like that Jacob, Emmett he just understands my situation.” Why was everything that I seemed to be saying sounding so pathetic?


Jacob just looked over, “And I don’t, Bella we have both been there for you, you have to understand… that I just don’t”


“Well I think maybe now, you need to be able to understand.” I looked over at Emmett, what was he going to do… tell Jacob that he really was a vampire. What if Jacob freaked out and ran away and told everyone, it wasn’t like he was infatuated with Emmett, he couldn’t be blinded by Emmett’s love and see pass everything else.


“It’s ok Bella, I trust him.”


“What are you talking about Emmett?”


“I need to explain something to you Jake, and I think it’s best if we go somewhere private.” I watched as Jake just stood silent for a minute, however I knew eventually his curiosity would get the better of him; Jacob stepped forward and began to move towards the forest with Emmett and me. Just before we were about to enter, I felt Emmett stop me, looking up my eyes connected with his gorgeous topaz ones.


“Bella I think it is best if I talk to him alone.”


Although deep down I wanted to go with them, so I could calm down or reassure Jake at the right moments, I stood still and nodded. He gave a small smile and kissed my cheek quickly before disappearing into the forest along with Jake.


And for the next 30 minutes I sat just outside from where they had entered, waiting for them to come back. My mind had been plagued with all the things that could go wrong, however I tried to allow my thoughts to stay on the one thing… for Jake to finally understand and we would no longer need to lie, we could finally be ourselves.


I was stirred from my thoughts as I watched as two figures began to slowly make there way over to me. I found myself looking intently at Jacob, looking for any sign that he was ok, and that’s when I saw it, he was grinning from ear to ear about something; I couldn’t quite hear yet, that Emmett had said. I finally for the first time in nearly an hour relaxed. I smiled as Jacob ran over swooping me up in his arms.


“Bella, this is so cool.”


“Really?” For a moment, I thought maybe it had all gone to his head, however looking at Jacob smiling down at me, I realised he was genially happy.


“Yeah he took it really well; it kind of scared me at first.” Emmett managed to chuckle out.


“So you are really cool about this all?” I asked just to make sure.


“Yeah of course I am … I mean this is awesome, you do realise the stuff we will be able to do now, I mean in secret of course,” He chuckled after that, but I found myself frowning a little wondering what he had in mind, “And the situation between you and Emmett, I guess I just have to get use to it, however I do want you to promise me something.”


“Anything,” I couldn’t believe how easy this had gone, I reminded myself to make sure to thank Emmett later for this truly brilliant idea.


“That you to will refrain from kissing one another, at least when I’m around,” I couldn’t help but smile at Jacob’s request and Emmett’s pout.


“Ok.” We both answered, although Emmett sounded less enthusiastic by the idea.  


“Wait aren’t we all meant to be at school, like 1 hour ago.” The boys both shrugged, typical.


“Come on Bella, can we all just skip it and hang together for the day.”


It was tempting, but I knew Charlie may find out and then there would go 2 weeks or weekends with Jacob.


“Nope anyways Jake, come over after school today and I don’t know we go down to Portland or something.”  


Emmett and Jake first seemed a little upset, however after awhile they both agreed especially once I told Emmett he could still drive me. We said our goodbyes to Jake and made our way over to Emmett’s jeep. Emmett opened the door for me before racing over to his jumping in, it was cute how exited he got about driving his jeep.


“Buckled up?”


“Ye….” Before I was even able to finish what I was saying Emmett had sped off, at an alarming speed down the street… what was it with vampires and driving at suicidal speeds? Well I guess they weren’t use to having people in the car that could actually die.


“So that went really well didn’t it,” Emmett turned to face me and I almost cringe at the fact he took his eyes away from the road.


“Yeah it did, so what happened.”


“Well at first he thought I was joking, when I told him about the rumours and how they were like true…” and there he goes again with the head turning, “But then I showed him some stuff I was able to do and yeah his mouth dropped so far, he kind of looked like one of the ventriloquist dummies really funny actually, but then he was all like ‘this is so cool’ and ‘we can have so much fun now’ it was a bit of a surprise, but a good one.”


“Can you please keep your eyes on the road… or did you forget that I can actually die.” I watched as Emmett just laughed, “I can’t crash.”


I wasn’t convinced.


I looked around, as I realised we were now parked just outside forks high school.


By the time I was fully able to realise that Emmett had got us to school in then less than 5 minutes, he was already by my door opening it for me.


“Come on Bella, we got English.”


After what seemed like the longest English class ever, thank god I had Emmett in there keeping me distracted, so I couldn’t fall asleep.


We were queuing up in the cafeteria line, Emmett busy deciding whether he wanted the tuna salad or the pizza, honestly, when I started wondering what my friends would think about Emmett and I dating.


“Umm the salad, no wait the pizza, no I take that back the salad,” I could see the woman beginning to get frustrated. “Ok we’ll have two slices of pizza.” The woman now almost looked like she wanted hug me.


“Come on Emmett lets go sit down,” I began pulling him in the direction of our table, however it was more like my hand on his shirt and him just walking behind me, because I could never really pull Emmett.


“Oh but Bella I wanted the tuna salad.” I ignored his pleads and went and stood opposite Mike and Angela and the rest of the group sitting at the table.


“Hey guys, we were just wondering where you two were.” I smiled, ok I wasn’t going to lie that I wasn’t a bit anxious if they were going to notice Emmett and I were no longer friends.


Emmett poked at his pizza and I watched as Mike, frowned “You never eat anything Emmett, what’s with that?”


Emmett looked up,”uhh…”


“He’s just upset he wanted the tuna salad.”


Mike still didn’t look convinced, “But yeah I don’t think I’ve seen you eat anything,,,  like ever”


I watched painfully as Emmett bit into his pizza, I remembered once when Edward had done it, apparently it was meant to be like eating dirt or something like that. However I didn’t expect Emmett to swoop me up in his arms.


“Bella thank-you so much, this is the best pizza ever!!!”


“Ok Emmett, there is subtle and obvious and what your doing now is definitely not subtle.” I found myself whispering to Emmett. Emmett just smiled and winked, putting me down and pulling out my chair so I could finally sit down. I had to admit I was a bit dizzy and I was pretty sure it had more to do with Emmett’s proximity then being lifted up into the air.


Mike frowned and to be honest I knew it had nothing to do with Emmett’s appetite anymore.


“Something’s different about you two?”


I nervously laughed, “Uhh what do you mean?”


“You two…”


“OMG YOU’RE DATING AREN’T YOU,” I cringed as Angela screamed out the reason, behind my uneasiness.


Emmett just smiled and kissed my cheek, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, “Yep.”


Yeah of course he was relaxed. I just gave a weak smile in response. Emmett didn’t seem to notice my uneasiness about public displays of affection, but dived into conversation with Angela’s boyfriend Ben, about some Cubs game; how on earth he had watched it was beyond me. I watched as he smiled and laughed with my friends, while I pretended to be interested in something Jessica was telling us girls. He really was something, and as much as I hated to admit it, I didn’t mind his hug that much … he had away of taking you into his arms and making you feel, so safe.


It was his own personal bear hug, and lately I had been finding myself needing them and wanting them a lot.


I found my eyes wandering and I smiled as his connected with mine, when he smiled I felt his hand grip mine bringing it up to his lips to place a gentle kiss on it.


Yes for the first time in weeks, I was definitely, genuinely happy.




I smiled as Emmett and I pulled up to the house, Charlie’s car was gone and Jacob would be here soon, so we could really have fun this afternoon, especially now Jacob knew about everything.


Emmett had made his way over to my door and had his hand held out for me to take, which I gladly did.


“Climb on my back.”


“What?” I found myself smiling regardless.


“Come on just do it.” I climbed (well with lots of Emmett’s help) onto his back and it was literally a blink of an eye before we were inside my house, in the lounge room. I leaned forward and watched Emmett grinning from ear to ear. I squealed as Emmett chucked me onto the couch, I hadn’t been expecting that. I watched as Emmett made his way over towards me and climbed on top on me and the couch, he was careful not to let any part of his body touch me, relying on his arms to hold him up.


“Is this ok?”


All I could do was nod, silently liking Emmett’s more forward behaviour… I mean I was a teenager, and I had hormones to quench.


Emmett bent down capturing my lips with his own, oh god here I go again… totally lost in the moment.


And that is exactly what had happened we had been so lost in the moment that we even gotten to the point where I was without a jacket and Emmett was without a shirt… Of course I had been mentally frozen upon seeing his god like body; he just had chuckled and recaptured my lips with his own. We both were surprised when the doorbell rang. Jeeze Emmett must be concentrating really hard on everything, to lose his surrounding senses.


“Coming,” I yelled, I frowned as Emmett laughed as I tried to fix up my messy couch hair and find his shirt, now where had I chucked that?


“Will you stop laughing and find your shirt, it could be Charlie or Jacob.”


I watched as Emmett sniffed the air, “Nope never smelt them before.” I frowned, motioning him to go find his shirt, as I made my way over to the door.


Opening it, I looked at the person who had rung the door; they were now standing with their back towards me, it wasn’t until he turned around that, I found myself staring. He no longer had the scent that use to drive me crazy, his skin no longer was white or looked like porcelain, his eyes were no longer topaz but a deep green.


He was everything Edward would have looked like, if he had been human. What had I possibly done to deserve this torture, because who ever this boy was, he may as well be Edward’s twin (well human twin). However another thing that I started to notice was, that he almost looked like he was struggling to stand up, that he could fall over any minute he looked really sick, however at the same time he was smiling.




His voice, wasn’t musical or beautiful… it was deep and although it maybe one of the nicest human voices I have ever heard it still was just human.


“Who are you?”


“Bella,” I stuttered back as he let out, a loud choking cough one after the other, “It’s me…its Edward.”


And with that I watched as he collapsed to the ground. 



A.N: Ok so that was our first twist… Edward human …WHAT!!!! hhehehe

Thank-you all who read this chapter… more to come soon


And thanks again to my wonderful beta, [info]steeph90

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