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27 August 2008 @ 02:18 pm
3 Things (Writing Comms, RPG, & Virtual Show)  

3 Things

1. Twilight-Related Writing LJ Communities
twilightfest -> A fanfiction festival based on the general series, where you suggest prompts, then later you can claim prompts and write fanfiction based on them and then in the "posting period" post the fanfic. No worries on not having enough time as its over a at least 3-4 months of a period of time to give everyone a chance.

2. Twilight Virtual Show -> I'm working on starting a project called a "virtual story" basically, its like an ongoing fanfic, but with lots of writers. Some of you might have heard of "virtual shows" for shows that are still on or have been cancelled? Well, this would be based on the Twilight series, based after Breaking Dawn, I had some ideas running around in my head I'd go through with whoever was interested. Sort of like an rpg except that it would be end up to be written fanfiction style - that's how people would see it, but it would have graphics to "promote" it like a "show" and such. If your interested, you can reply here, or send me a PM via LJ. =)

3. Twilight Role Playing Game (scarsfangsnews) -> This RPG is based on the Twilight book series written by Stephenie Meyer. It is set post Twilight except that after Twilight when James bites Bella, Edward can't get the poison out so does have to decide whether to turn her or for her to have her final death. In the end, he turns her. Now, a few years later, she is still struggling with her change and its consequences with her family and everyone else she knows. The werewolves have been struggling to decide what to do over it as its against everything they believe in, especially Jacob, who loves Bella. Finally, the werewolves and vampires go to war over it, with Bella in the middle. Jacob, still confused about his feelings about Bella, has a vision of his "mate", who is none other than Alice Cullen, the one vampire he always feels weird around every time she is near. She, too, has a vision which makes her uncomfortable for she is married and in love with Jasper Hale. Jasper, usually calm, becomes more jealous when it comes to Alice for she is the love of his life. Of course, there in the background, is the Volturi, still wanting Bella badly, plus this war with werewolves is just the right excuse for them to zoom in and get what the want. How will the Cullens survive a fight from all sides? How will the people of Forks survive? Will they finally find out the truth about the werewolves and vampires? How will the werewolves survive? What will Edward/Bella/Jacob and Alice/Jacob/Jasper do? Be apart of it all! From the main characters to the other not-heard of so much characters, and make them into main characters! Nothing in New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn happened in this RPG.