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16 November 2008 @ 12:52 am

Title: Quiet Guardian
Author: ihear_itsnows
Rating: M (for later chapters)
Genre: Angst/ Romance
Short summary: Edward leaves... so do the rest of the Cullens, however one can't stop thinking about the one they left behind. He returns finding a broken girl, instead of Bella and he decide it's up to him to make her better. But how does he do that? and will Emmett start to realise he is falling in love with the lamb.
Any warnings: Twilight, New moon.
Pairings: Emmett/Bella, Bella/Edward, Jacob/Bella
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

p.s looking for a betta, anyone interested let me know :)


Title: Quiet Guardian


Chapter 1: Unexpected



I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,


‘Wait we’re leaving, why?’


I watched as Edward tensed up and looked towards Carlisle, he froze also and looked away. I felt my muscles tense up, ‘Why weren’t you tell me what’s going on Edward?’


“It’s because of…the accident… it’s because of me,” Jasper spoke waking me from my thoughts, he looked like hell, he hadn’t done much since the ‘accident’. Edward opened his mouth but closed it, and I watched as Carlisle took over for him.


“Yes Emmett, we’re leaving,” I watched as Alice whispered soothing words to Jasper, ‘I guess trying to convince him, it wasn’t his fault’ I felt Rosalie slide in beside me, her hand coming to rest on one of my arms.


“I think that’s a good idea, although if it wasn’t for Edward’s mistakes we wouldn’t have to worry about repeating high school, yet again.” Her hand that once brought warmth to my body, suddenly felt like ice.


“We can’t just leave, we have a life here…. Edward, Bella is here,” The last part I let my thoughts say it, knowing the only person I wanted to hear it, would.


“I’m going to pack a few things, before we leave.”


And with those last words, I watched Edward speed past, up to his room. I shrugged away from Rosalie, disgusted about how she was acting; she wasn’t fighting at all, it was as if she wanted to leave.


I ran out of the room and made my way towards Edward’s, arriving just outside his door.


“Can I come in?”


Edward didn’t move he knew I was there before I even spoke one word.


I walked in anyway, “Edward what are you doing? It was an accident, we don’t have to leave Jasper weren’t slip again.”


Edward snarled back, “How do you know that Emmett?”  


Truth was I didn’t and my moment of delay, seemed to satisfy Edward as my answer.  


‘Bella isn’t just going to let you leave, she loves you and she knows you love her, that’s enough for her to keep you from leaving,’


Edward tensed up, he knew I was right. Then he turned to me with an expression, that I had never seen on his face before; he was determined, and it scared me what was he going to do… to her.


“She weren’t come after me,”


I knew I shouldn’t ask; I really didn’t want to know how he planned to make Bella not want to follow him, but curiously got the better of me.


“And how do you know she weren’t?”


Edward smiled, and I knew at once that it wasn’t filled with any happiness.


“I’m going to make her, hate me.”


I frowned, Edward was hurting and I knew know matter what I said, I couldn’t help him. My brother was lost and was going to take everything out on Bella, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop it.


With a gush of wind, Edward Propelled out of his window and left me standing, scared of what was to come.


Hours past, or had it just been minutes and I stayed where I was, Edward’s room waiting for his return. Edward was my closet friend in the family, even closer then Rose was and I was scared that after tonight I would lose him.


Edward arrived back, and his face revealed no emotion at all, although deep down I knew he was hurting. My hands flexed in and out, as I fought against, between comforting him or not, however one look from; what could only be described as the ‘new Edward’, made me turn away frightened. It felt weird being afraid, I don’t ever remember being this scared… ever.


“We leave now,” His growl, made me stumble back, this wasn’t my brother, this wasn’t my friend, and this definitely wasn’t Edward.


I turned around, as soon as I realised we were no longer alone. Carlisle stood, almost as emotionless as Edward, “Emmett, are you ready?”


‘No of course I’m not, I don’t want to leave… can’t you see Edward is hurting, can’t you see he doesn’t want to go… we all don’t want to go’ I desperately wanted to scream to Carlisle, but instead I bit it back and answered, “Yep,” because right now I knew that was what Edward wanted, and I wasn’t about to upset him anymore.


I left walking towards Rose and my room, and made my way over to the small closet, that Rosalie had so nicely allowed me to have, to put all my stuff in. I opened it, yet I took nothing out, truth was I knew what ever I owned could be replaced; I didn’t need to take anything. I sighed as I felt Rosalie’s cold hand rest on my shoulder and I turned around facing her, her face that had once sent my body into Goosebumps and immediately break into a full dimple smile, seemed so… uninviting. I shrugged away from her, as I fought against whatever was happening to me. Then Rosalie said something that summed it all up.


“Why does it matter so much to you if we stay?”


I turned to face her and I frowned, ‘Rose was right, why did it matter so much to me if we stayed all left, my life apparently was all in this room and that was leaving with me… so why did I care so much?’ I found myself thinking.


“I … I don’t know.”


And that answer was all she needed to know; that whatever we had… was over. She froze for a moment, and I watched her studying her reactions, but she did nothing and walked out, and I realised that hurt me more.


What had come over me in the last hours, I was unsure of, but one thing I knew, I felt more of a man now, then when I was wrestling any grizzlies. I knew Rose would get over it, she didn’t love me, she loved keeping a hold of her human life and apparently I reminded her of something she never was able to get. Truth was I felt used and I was pretty sure if, Edward had been interested I wouldn’t be standing here.


Yes I loved Rose, I still do… but it wasn’t the love I ached for, the love Jasper and Alice shared, the loved Edward and Bella had for one another. I wanted that more then anything and I was truly scared I would never get to feel what love truly felt like.


I walked out and climbed into my jeep; I wasn’t leaving this behind, and waited for Carlisle and Esme to drive off with Jasper, Alice and Edward in the car. I felt Carlisle’s stare as Rose got into her convertible, completely ignoring me and drove out sending a great wall of dust and sand towards me and my jeep.  I turned around and shrugged and nodded at Edward, allowing him to fill everyone in on Rosalie’s and my break-up, they would have found out sooner or later. With one last sorrowful look Carlisle drove out, a lot slower then Rose had and left, disappearing into the darkness.


I cranked my Jeep into gear and followed their trail, leaving behind a lot more then a home.




Weeks past and I found myself, trapped in an unpleasant routine, which focused mainly on Rose avoiding me, avoiding the Denali girls (who had recently found out, I was single.) However something that I found myself constantly thinking about, strange as it maybe was Bella. Her face haunted my mind, and I knew it was killing Edward, but I couldn’t stop, I wondered what had happened after Edward had told her he was leaving… leaving without her and then my thoughts were plagued with simple things, like what she was eating, was she even eating at all. Edward gritted his teeth behind me and I realised I had done it again. I mumbled my apologies, but as I did her face reappeared and I felt Edward collide into me. Edward was snarling and I did, my best not to let the vampire in me take over and fight him, he was my brother I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to hurt him.


Edward snarled again.


“Stop it, stop thinking about her,”


“I can’t stop, I’ve tried.”


Where did that come from, had I really been trying to stop?


Edward snarled again and I felt my lip quiver on a reflex, by now Carlisle and Esme had joined us, along with the Denali girls, Jasper and Alice. I felt an immediate calm wash over me and automatically I realised Jasper was calming us down. However, Edward was still growing and then out of no where he pounced, sending me flying over the cliff with him. I heard Esme, Alice and the rest of the girls scream as Edward continued to bash my head into the ground. He wasn’t trying to kill me; that I knew, he just wanted something, someone to release his anger and pain onto, and I guess I was lucky enough to be that person.


Edward stoped, however he still sat on top of me staring down menacing.


“Stop, Emmett you have to stop thinking about her…”


“But I’m just…”


“No, you have to stop.”


And that’s when I realised, this was all his fault, I was confused and behaving nothing like myself because of him, his the reason I broke up with Rose and right then I realised I hated him.


“You’re the one who over reacted; both you and I know Bella is better off with us, then alone.” I found myself spitting out, Edwards’s blank face, shook just for a moment; but it was enough for me to know I had gotten to him.




I hadn’t yelled like that, for so long and it felt strangely good. Edward stumbled a bit and after a few moments I realised what I had done, I was letting my anger and frustration escape me once again and sadly I seemed to be taking it all out on him, like he had only moments ago done to me.


So much for the irony.


I offered my hand to Edward, as I felt everyone’s eyes staring down at us.


Look I’m sorry, but you can’t blame me for worrying about her, she was as much apart of this family as she was your… well whatever you guys were’ I smiled, although it didn’t quite reach my ears as I pushed my apology, into his waiting telepathic head.  


Edward looked back confused, but gripped my hand.


‘Come on lets go get some mountain lions, I know there your favourite’ Once again came no reply and I wondered was Edward still mad.


“So are you coming all not?”


Edward looked towards me confused, “Where?”


“To round up some mountain lions, I just asked you”


That when it dawned on me and I focused really hard on a grizzly bear I took down last week “Edward what am I thinking about right now?”


Edward looked at me as if I had grown another head, but then his brow creased back and he backed away… “I don’t know I can’t hear anything.”


Carlisle who had made his way over turned to face Edward and asked the same thing, “When you and Esme first met.”


“So you can still hear everyone else, but you can’t hear my thoughts anymore?”


Edward shook his head and everyone crowding around us, turned to one another in shock.




A week later, Edward left.


He told everyone he just needed to be alone, and for such a long time I finally believed him.


The days continued much the same without him, Rose however seemed to be acting more friendly towards me; I guess that was a positive.


However, I still found myself wondering how Bella was. My sleepless nights seemed longer then they ever had before, and it was one night I decided I needed to see for myself, that she was ok and hopefully after that I would be able to return and maybe even work things out with Rose.


I told everyone, I also needed to leave for awhile and felt Carlisle and Esme’s disapproving stares; they didn’t want to see me leave… not another son gone. I assured them all I would be back.


And with that I climbed into my jeep and sped off in the direction of Forks.




I parked a good few miles away from Bella’s house; making sure she didn’t expect anything. I circled around the house, eventually finding Bella’s window and scaled the walls of the exterior, as I climbed up and looked in.


Bella had her back facing me, so I was unable to see directly in, I carefully and soundlessly pulled up the window and climbed in, once I was in I made sure to close it behind me.


I made my way over to the side of the bed, where I would be able to see Bella, however what I found, was anything but Bella, the girl sleeping was empty and almost looked as if she was… dying, yes that was the right word.


I stumbled back shocked, this was not what I had expected and I knew then I wouldn’t be returning to the Denali’s until, this stranger sleeping before me, was once again Bella.




-Thankyou all you read this. Feedback is loved :D and remember looking for a betta, so sorry for the grammar and other mistakes :D











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Natatree Darling.: twilight: bella - over shoulder pondersnatatree on November 15th, 2008 12:11 pm (UTC)
Ohh! That was great! I rather enjoy some Emmett/Bella, but it very rare to find!

A couple of typos I found whilst reading -

Why weren’t* you tell me what’s going on Edward?’ weren't = won't
"Edward what are you doing? It was an accident, we don’t have to leave Jasper weren’t slip again.” weren't = won't.

Can't wait to read the next chapter!
ihear_itsnows: credit goes to the wonderful snb123ihear_itsnows on November 15th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
thanks for pointing those out..im exactly a beta :P lol

that's why i'm in the market hahhahah

and thanks next chapter should be up soon. And I totally agree not enough Emmett and Bella fics out there

thanks for commenting